We innovate and bring new possibilities in the solution for each house, offices and retails.

Bunch of creative minds from a background of Interior Designing, Restoration and Project Management come together to balance aesthetics and functionality at an affordable price, where middle mass resides.

Founder's note

Being a middle class, I have experienced the challenge of getting my choice of interior & restoration at an affordable price. When I found that there are hundreds & thousands of people like me who faces the similar challenges, I started exploring this avenue. Interior Side is born out of the idea to make a difference to the spaces where middle class of India resides. 

The intention is very clear; ‘to make a beautiful living spaces at an affordable price.’ It is very difficult to find balance between aesthetics and affordability. My journey since college days has gone into building beautiful & affordable living spaces. Thereby, I could develop an effective solution that strike the balance between both. This led us to work with the celebrated architects of the country.

-Abhay A Karmarkar

Founder and Principle Designer

"Good interior is not just about the cost or quality of material. Its a process to understand the need, analyze a space, visualize, design & execute.”